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Early Life of Terencia Capleton

Terencia Capleton was born in Kingston, Jamaica on January 17, 1939. She attended college in the United States after high school and then worked as a teacher in Jamaica before moving to Canada in 1976. In Canada, she continued her education and earned a graduate degree from the University of Toronto. Capleton is a poet whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies around the world. Her poetry has also been performed in North America and Europe.

1 Getting Started in Music and Rising to Fame 
2 Terencia Capleton’s Reason for Moving to Canada 
3 Settling Down in Canada 
4 Professional Music Career in Canada 
5 Conclusion 

Getting Started in Music and Rising to Fame

Terencia Capleton‘s life has always revolved around music. She had begun writing her own songs and performing in local venues by the time she reached high school. Terencia decided to relocate to Canada in 2009 believing that it was the ideal location for her music career. She started recording demos and attracting the attention of various music industry professionals. She released her official debut album in 2012 to critical acclaim and a nomination for Best Reggae Album at the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS).
Terencia has continued to release music and perform on tour throughout Canada. Her most recent album Shine Bright Like Diamonds has received widespread radio play in Canada as well as international acclaim. She is currently preparing to release her second album in 2018 and is touring across Canada this year.

Terencia Capleton’s Reason for Moving to Canada

Terencia Capleton’s life has been one of the most enriching and exciting experiences she has had since moving to Canada. She has found herself in the midst of a community that has welcomed her with open arms.
Terencia Capleton moved to Canada in search of a better life for her children. She worked very hard in Honduras to provide for them but she was unable to provide them with the necessary education. Capleton and her family were constantly threatened.
She has been able to start over in Canada and provide for her children in ways they could never have imagined. She is now working as a nanny and studying English in order to support them in their future endeavours. Terencia Capleton recognizes that she is fortunate to have found refuge in Canada and that she will never forget the kindness shown to her by the Canadian people.

Settling Down in Canada

Terencia Capleton made a life-altering decision in 2015 that would affect her and her family’s future. She decided to settle down in Canada after years of bouncing around the Caribbean.
Terencia initially struggled to adjust to a new country and culture but with time she began to make friends and gain the support of her community. She is now excited to continue her education and grow into her new role as a mother and Canadian citizen.

Professional Music Career in Canada

She released three albums and toured across Canada after moving to Canada in 2007. She was nominated for a Juno Award for Best Caribbean Female Artist in 2016. The music of Capleton is full of rhythms and heart-touching lyrics about loneliness, heartbreak and social injustice. Her songs are frequently inspired by personal experiences or stories she hears from friends and family back home. She has stated that she wishes to use her music to raise awareness about issues affecting marginalized communities worldwide.
Capleton decided to focus on charitable work rather than continuing her professional music career after establishing herself as a singer in Canada. She has collaborated with a number of organizations to promote social justice and combat human rights violations around the world. Also, Capleton performs charity concerts at various venues across the country.


Terencia Capleton’s journey from Jamaica to Canada exemplifies the power of perseverance and hard work. Capleton was born into a family of melodic balladeers and knew he had a gift for singing from a young age. Despite numerous rejections, she persisted and at the age of 18 landed her first recording contract with Tommy Boy Records. She has worked tirelessly since then to establish herself as one of the world’s most well-known reggae singers. Her powerful voice has inspired generations of people all over the world and she is currently on tour in North America to promote her latest album.


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