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clevo nh70

The Clevo nh70 has a high pixel density of 127.3 per inch which results in better text and image quality. When using memory-demanding applications, the Clevo nh70’s 8 GB of memory for multitasking may cause sluggish performance. The 3.5-hour battery life is insufficient for daily use.

You might need to keep the charger plugged in during prolonged gaming sessions because the Clevo nh70’s battery life is constrained. It is believed that the Clevo nh70 weighs more than its rivals. Many modern games are incompatible with the 256 MB capacity limit. The Clevo nh70 is extremely expensive.

1 What is Clevo NH70 Laptop? 
2 Clevo nh70 Gaming Laptop Features 
3 Pros and Cons of Clevo NH70 Laptop 
4 Pros 
5 Cons 

What is Clevo NH70 Laptop?

One of the most potent gaming laptops ever produced is the Clevo nh70. These laptops are well-known for their high performance which ensures a smooth experience. Clevo nh70 is also reasonably priced.

Clevo nh70 Gaming Laptop Features

All the top features of Clevo nh70 are listed below.
1. RAM
Ram is essential to the operation of a laptop or other device. Clevo nh70 is equipped with 8GB of DD4 RAM a memory type often seen in laptops.
2. Pixels
The Clevo NH70 laptops have approximately two million pixels in total. These pixels are adequate for playing demanding games.
3. SSD and Storage
Data storage in Clevo NH70 notebooks is probably handled by SSD. The solution depends on the model of your Clevo NH70 laptop.
4. High-End Resolution
Clevo has a 1920 x 1080 pixel screen with a 1080 pixel vertical resolution. As the size of the screen is decreased, the pixel quality will increase. For gaming and other uses, such a display is suitable.
5. Keyboard
With Clevo computers the NH70 laptop keyboard is designed for use. You can type while it’s dark thanks to keyboard keys with backlighting.
6. Battery Performance
A 3275 mAh battery gives it a maximum runtime of 3.5 hours after a single charge. Its battery capacity is adequate for everyday or official use.
7. Processor
It has an Intel Core i7 9750 CPU that can handle any task no matter how light or intensive. The Clevo is capable of managing all demanding workloads including gaming in addition to a number of other tasks and programs.
8. Graphics
The Clevo-NH70 laptop includes a dedicated GPU. It’s also referred to as a separate graphics card. The laptop has an NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card. This card is appropriate for graphically demanding tasks and games.
9. Perfect Screen Size
This laptop has the highest image quality making it ideal for gaming. The HD resolution screen measures about 17.3 inches in size. You can play the hardest games and watch your favorite movies on this enormous screen.

Pros and Cons of Clevo NH70 Laptop


1 Full HD high-quality LCD display offers an impressive viewing experience to the users.
2 With a charger plugged in this laptop handle most graphics-intensive games very well and gives the best price-to-performance ratio to the customers.
3 Build quality is great. The plastic used for making laptops comes out sturdy and fit for daily usage.
4 The weight of this laptop is manageable and quite easier to carry in comparison to other laptops in this price range.


1 This laptop’s framerate drastically decreases at higher graphics settings making it impossible to play AAA title games.
2 The base variant comes with only 8GB RAM which is highly regressive from the gaming perspective.
3 It lacks thunderbolt ports. This means we cannot take the output of ultra HD 8k resolution.
4 It is quite regressive for long-term users because there is no extensive network of service centres in major cities.

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